Design ahead of the Flames

FireSysCAD - Block Legends

The NFPA 2016 Block Symbols are now finished

Modification of shape, color, design of blocks is completely up to the User.
Unique blocks stored in separate folders can be used for different types of projects (example - typcial, NFPA, government, foriegn).
Changes to actual text shown in the legend is managed by the Company through the FSC_Equipment file.

Text in the legend can be Upper or Lower case, based on Company requirements and managed through the FSC_Project file.

Here different blocks -
FireSysCAD - Standard blocks
2016 NFPA - Control blocks
2016 NFPA - Detector blocks
2016 NFPA - Module blocks
2016 NFPA - Notification blocks
2016 NFPA - Miscellaneous blocks