Design ahead of the Flames

FireSysCAD Concept Tutorials

View demo are tutorials on how to use FireSysCAD. Additional video tutorails with sound will be added in the near future.

Insert Device Blocks
      View demo of different methods of inserting blocks into the drawing
      View demo of a running count of blocks as they are inserted into the drawing

Update Device miscellaneous Attributes
      View demo setting Level Number
      View demo setting Ceiling height
      View demo setting Room Name
      View demo setting Zone Number change
      View demo setting Candela Value
      View demo checking Heat Detector Spacing

Update Node and Riser Attributes
      View demo showing automatic Node Numbering

Draw Conduit, Circuit, Cable Lines and Modify Lines
      View demo showing the drawing of Node-Circuit lines thru multiple SLC T-Tap blocks
      View demo showing search and highlight device blocks not at a circuit vertex

Update device numbers
      View demo of numbering SLC Node-Circuit with multiple SLC T-Tap blocks

Create Riser Diagram (Single Line)
      View demo of process of creating Riser Diagram

Finish Notes/Details Sheet
      View demo showing insertion of Note blocks (single and multiple)

Add or Delete a Device on an existing Circuit
      View demo showing how to add or delete a device on a circuit

Create a new Title Block or change project Title Block size
      View demo showing how to create new Title Blocks or change project Title Block size and then modify FSC_Project data file

Miscellaneous basic AutoCAD videos -
Properties and Quick Select
      View demo showing how to move all blocks on a specific layer to another layer